Wide, multi-international experience has led me to my own project.


Working with farmers, roasters, baristas and customers taught me about the importance of long-term solutions which improve sustainability and create consistency as well as some fair business ethics.


I believe that goodness comes from nature. It’s preserved in its own unique way. It’s hidden. But carefully utilized can give you its best treasures and flavors.


Development of the coffee world is in our hands. The way we do business, who we choose to cooperate with and what we serve to our customers will determine the next years of specialty coffee culture.


My name is Damian Durda, I have been working in coffee business for 10 years. Started as a barista, I went through all sectors: a head barista, trainer, manager, roaster and  a consultant. My professional development was strongly impacted by the Scandinavian Coffee Culture with Canadian and Australian influence. I've always try to keep myself up to date and explore all the new trends and waves in our industry. Apart of a SCA certificates my knowledge is based on many years of experience and studies, numerous workshops and coffee events. To broaden my horizons and understand the meaning of sustainability in coffee chain, I went on origin trips and visited farms in Honduras and Nicaragua. Now I am transposing all of that experience to help evolve other coffee businesses.



We provide professional consultancy for existing and future coffee businesses. We acknowledge that each business is different, therefore our approach will differ from client to client. We can distinguish 5 different areas of work that make a coffee business successful, we can offer you a complex assistance or improve your efficiency in one of the specific sector.


Firstly, we provide guidance to select optimal roasting, packing, measuring and brewing equipment. We only work with selected manufacturers we found solid and reliable. For instance, getting a bright cup is only possible with proper water filtration and airflow control o your roasting machine.


Secondly, you can expect us to assist you with green coffee sourcing, as well as establishing a lasting relationship with your future green coffee supplier.  We are proud to work with companies such as Collaborative Coffee Source or 32Cup, to supply you with best quality beans.  We believe this to be a very important and crucial factor in building transparent and sustainable business. Remember, that even best quality beans will never showcase its unique flavor and complexity when roasted incorrectly. At  the same time, beans of an average quality roasted perfectly will not have the potential to brew exceptional coffee.


In addition, our work consists of improving existing, and creating new roasting profiles, as well as providing detailed insight and assessment on your current roasting curves. Each of these procedures will be catered accordingly to specialty or commercial coffee segment.


Lastly, we are going to design a platform between your Coffee Shop and a Roastery to open a line of communication and protocols, regarding retail, freshness of the coffee or brewing instructions. We believe sensory skills being a crucial ability that constitute a good salesman, since they are important to sell specialty coffee and create dialogue with your customers.


Following those methods and scrutiny in each of our completed projects we observed positive changes such as increase in profits and interests in products, as well as positive feedback from customers and professionals on new or improved products. Although in each of our projects we aim to increase profits, this is not our main goal. We want to show you the bigger picture of the coffee industry, to be conscious, aware with your choices, make lasting relationships with farmers, other coffee professionals and your customers. In the end we are all people that just want to enjoy a good cup of coffee



I have always been fascinated with water, it sustains all lives, it has a power to destroy or create. Water makes up to 70% of a human body and covers 71% of our planet, It also makes up 98% of your cup of coffee. A wave is unstoppable, you can try to resist its flow or float with it. A good wave can take you far away from your comfort zone to explore new lands and ideas, new wave brings freshness, possibilities. Same comes with coffee, it's seasonality reflects waves coming one after another. Coffee from one season will never be the same again. Waves come and go, in coffee we see constant waves of changes, new developments, ideas, some stay for longer, some pass quickly and soon get replaced with a new wave.


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